FUDDLE CUP - Paperback


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Second Print Edition (2011, 2013)
6x9, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Matte, Crème Matte for Black and White, b&w interior, 198 pages

About This Book

What is a FUDDLE CUP?

While not an actual cup, it is the first book written 'on accident' by award-winning experience designer, Dolores (McKay) Harrell. The book began as a collection of letters intended for Dolores' future grandchildren whom she would never meet, should she lose her battle with illness. The letters were to serve as the children's inheritance of Dolores' most valuable possessions: what she learned about life. Clever, insightful, and entertaining, FUDDLE CUP is a maxim on living an extraordinary life under all circumstances

Employing the universal symbol of life (a cup), Dolores artfully demonstrates how one aspect of life spills into another, and how no one is immune to the struggles of trying to balance while successfully drinking from their own complex cup of life.

Current fans of her speaking and writing will greatly appreciate the inclusion of over 150 T.I.L.T.s (Thing I Learned Today) -- Dolores' brief quotes that have become her distinctive signature.